RB CGIII w/ Fiedler END day 4

Day 4 was a very bloody confrontation. The fires raging in the middle of the map forced action away from the main factories and blood ran thick in the streets.

Fiedler pushed hard in the southwest and northeast. I held him off best in the northeast but he still managed to get squads inside the Commisar's House! They are in a pocket and I will not allow them to live!

My factories are in trouble. The losses on the first day (10/17) have kept my manpower at a critical level. There is just too much map to hold with such a thin red line. I'm learning all too well about breaching DC's and tanks who never seem to bog.

I've made Fiedler pay for real estate though. He his hurting and his elr has dropped to 3. I'm pretty sure he will take Day 5 off. The question is...how to exploit this (educated) guess. I do not know how to play night scenarios. I have only played one and it was with someone else who was new to them. I think I could gain back some ground, but I am low on resources too.

Most likely I will spend my day off on building defenses. I will make the Commissar's house into a viper's den! Oh how those 4 squads in the pocket will wish they had never been born. Perhaps I will have a German sausage roast and buy some assault engineers with flamers! I have more CPP than I know what to do with (assuming he takes a day off). I'll max out the minefields (10!) and purchase some nasty surprises (set dc's and hip guys) along with getting the max number of boots on the ground.

I'm learning how to play the Russians. I have to set traps and appear weak where I am strong. Also I have to keep my lines reinforced. I cannot afford any more holes through which the Germans can make massive gains.

I don't know how Fielder's tanks have survived so long. They roll around Stalingrad with impunity. I will stop them tomorrow. I need some guns with the power to punch holes in those tin cans. Fielder uses them primarily as encirclement creators. They are cutting off rout paths and I can't seem to take them out in CC or with atrs.


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