RB CGIII w/ Fiedler Day 6 Turn 2

It's turn 2 of Day 6. My T21 factory is already toast! I had a 150mm predesignated barrage fall on the T2 prep fire (luckily he drew a red card on T1!). I had an engineer with a flamer (and a set dc in sight) who was evaporated! I got off one shot with the flamer (it ran out of gas) then all hell broke loose on the factory. My mines are still in place but there is no one waiting inside to pound the Germans! They are inside and I cannot stop him!

The Pocket around the Commissar's house is caving in! I have 2 75art pieces watching the flanks. They have each smoked a German tin can! I had a 9-2, 628, HMG HIP in BB17 . I mined the wood house in BB18 and waited. He moved in a hs to start a trail break. Then the arrogant Nazi's stepped in with a leader and 2 squads. I opened up and had a 24-1!! (-1 dangerous movment, -2 ldr +2 house) When the smoke cleared (from 2 rofs) only a broken hs remained! Fiedler couldn't help but comment that my ambush was a work of art :) It's nice to get praise from the enemy!

I've broken all the squads in the Commissar's house. Now I need to slit their throats. I have a pillbox in ii20 to cover the backside of the house. I also have a 10-2 and hmg in the gg21 bldg to hit any killstacks who might be lurking about. He has one sqd in that bldg who are refusing to break. They will taste Russian steel before long though:)

I'm losing a tremendous amount of men (almost a company in 2 turns!). But Fiedler is bleeding too (7.5 sqds, a leader and 3 afv's!)

What a bloody day this will be. I may lose the CG right here! but I will take some dirty Germans to the Volga with me!


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