RB CGIII w/ Fiedler Day 5


Fieder was hurt at the end of Day 4. I ended up better than expected. I still had nearly 3 companies of troops left! I lost more real estate than bodies. The German push in the West was deeper than expected. I lost too much ground in the factories. Do I set up strong in the factories we share? It seems very risky. If I lose men like I have previously then I may never recover. But can I afford to lose factory (fanatic) territory. I think I am toast. To be this far down in 5 days....can I recover?

I'll draw a line in the sand on Day 6. I have enough CPP to shore up defenses and crush the pocket around the Commissar's house. I will mine the heck out of the middle factory and set back and wait for him to step inside. Hopefully the mines will break him and the +1 shots from inside will break their hearts.


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