RB CG III w/ Fiedler Day 4 Turn 1

Day 4 of the Fascist Invasion

Just like clockwork the German offensive begins in the most likely spot. We are prepared to make the invader pay dearly for every inch of Russian soil!

He is affraid of Katyusha attacks. He should be. They have screamed overhead all night, pounding the German supply lines and creating panic within the ranks.

But all is quiet in Stalingrad. Their heavy MG's cannot find any targets. German soldiers are shooting blindly. The first prepfire phase has already generated 4 sans (unfortunately with only one activation so far) and we take this as a good omen.

It seems that Fiedler was not captured after all. That was merely his peronsal assistant. Our brave soldiers tortured him all night long and I"m sure Fiedler heard the screams. He knows what awaits him now!!

This should be a decisive day in this battle's history. The blazes have channeled attacks into obvious directions. Now we will have to see if our defenses are up to the task.


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