RB CG III w/ Fiedler Day 3 Turn 2

Damn the FOG!!!!

At first I thought it to be an allie, but the white clouds (which give a +1/hex LOV hind) have allowed the Germans to waltz right up on my positions.

Yes i have negated several threats, namely killstacks and the 75* inf guns Stefan purchased (although one of them keeps landing hits anyway).

But his greater firepower which is compressed into an narrow area (the left flank) is steadily marching forward.

I've given up the westernmost large factory. I held it so firmly yesterday, but alas the fog and a 10-2 "Uber-fascist" have been devestating.

In the turn 2 dfph I let a set DC go off and killed 30 men in the hex and rubbled it to boot. I was hoping his kill stack would end up there, but when Stefan advanced the other guys into the spot I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

However that was the only blessing so far. My (well placed) OBA was called off due to 2 consecutive Red Chit draws. This opens up the right flank to German Advances as well.

I've hear that the Russian should never give up. I almost did after this turn. I'll keep going with a stubborn fall back and try to slow down the advance as much as possible today.


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