RB CG III w/ Fiedler Day 3 End (start Day 4)

Aside from the FOG proving to be a devestating allie to the Axis threat, I feel ok about the day's results. I guess I should say I feel like things could have gone even more wrong, but an early end saved me (again).

We decided to add a -2 drm to the day end roll due to the mistakes we made concerning the fog LOV hindrances.

Fiedler pushed HARD in the center. I was not expecting that. I assumed the beating he took yesterday would persuade him to go elsewhere. I was wrong. My center was flatly overwhelmed. The fog allowed the Germans to move about with impunity and once we were toe to toe, my conscripts (even though fanatic) were no match for assault engineers led by a 10-2 (who I'm glad to say was sent home as a casualty!).

I bought more defensive toys today than usual. I spent 4cpp on mines and dummies to confuse the Germans. The mines caused few casualties ( I think 1 sqd total) but they kept the center factory in my possession for day 4~!.

I think I ended the day with about equal force strength (3+ companies each). But I am at a severe disadvantage in firepower.

Casualties were about even (a Russian victory!). The loss of (the 2nd) 10-2 has been another important shift. The Germans have lost almost every strong leader and now is run by corporals!!

Today we have 2 giant blazes that form a nice wall in the center of the map! I bought some wire to fill in the gaps. I hope to channel the Germans into a meat grinder if they are foolish enough to come through the narrow gap in the fire!

A Katyusha fire mission has been requested. We'll see if it is approved by the Big Boss!

My strategy is much the same as yesterday. HOld and make the Germans bleed.

However I have less ground to defend now so my force strength is now more concentrated and powerful (I hope). If Stefan wants the factories he will have to pay dearly for them!

The flanks have held pretty well for 3 days. I'm wondering when they will be probed in strength. However they are now well defended and ready.

Germans are not very creative. The Russian will and craftiness will surely provide us with our first daily victory!!!


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