Dirty Dirty Business

Things were going badly on day 3 before I learned of our greivous error. We had believed that the FOG LOV reduced residual FP. Therefore not only could I hardly take a shot that didn't have a +4 mod on it, I couldn't stop the dirty Germans from moving through any hex they wished.

For some reason I checked the rules and realized our mistake. This day was hard enough without this problem!! Residual doesn't really help the Germans at all. Russian moves are mainly AM and done all at once. It is the "bread and butter" of a Russian defense.

Once residual is laid, it is no longer effected by the dreaded fog therefore my residual fp would have been much more effective than my original shot!!!

I have Germans in the middle of the map now and factories that are sparsely defended. I can only hope that this bad day ends on turn 5.

I'm outclassed by Fiedler on an experience level. I need all the help I can get from the terrain and rules!!!

Oh well, C'est le guerre!


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