RB CGIII with Fiedler Day 2 Turn 1

After the river of Russian Blood subsided, I knew I had to go heavy on infantry for day 2

No real toys, just bodies to plug the giant gaps in the line. And I bought a lot. Given the fact that I had a -2 on my cpp DR for casualties and the -1 for the balance and a -1 for the historical drm. I got a fair amount of cash to spend. I plan on not being outflanked today. I have Cloaking Counters Everywhere!

Fiedler looks to have purchased troops as well. We began turn one and he made no attempt at radio contact so I'm hoping that he spent his cpp elsewhere.

I've decided to put a death grip on the factories. As expected that is where the Germans have massed for an assault.

I am surprised that there are very few Germans along the left edge. It looks like they are going to push for the River and form a U shaped perimeter around my factories. You can't see in the picture, but there are a lot of reinforcements on the top edge of the map.

I'm glad to see the Germans so spread out and not massed for one giant schwerpunkt.

I hope my fanaticism and plethora of defenders are enough to stop the fascists.

On turn one I survived the prep fire phase with only the loss of concealment on one sqd and a dummy stack blown to bits.

His first HS that attempted to enter up North was blasted at point blank range and died instantly! Now one of the 2 hexes he can move across the road on has a 4 resid in it.

At the Factories, another HS searched the rubble of the K15 (the biggest one on the west side) and was lost to a casualty search dr of 1.

I'm waiting for a logfile with more moves.

NOTE: The Russians get to roll for casualties on EVERY search dr (even if no one is found)! This is due to the fact that the Russians have booby trap capapbility by ssr.
That ought to make Fiedler less likely to seach in the future!


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