RB CGIII with Fiedler Day 1 End

Results at end of Day 1: Russian Massacre (German Victory 41 stone locations)

4-4-7 x 11.5 (yes a whole company!)
5-2-7 x 8 (yes another company!)
--4-2-6 x 4.5
2 dug in afvs
9-1 x 2
9-0 comm x1
7-0 x 1
= 57 cvp

4-6-7 x 4.5
5-4-8 x 2
10-2 x 1
9-2 x 2
7-0 x 1
= 23cvp

I've never been beaten so soundly!
Why did this happen? Here are my observations:
1) I tried to stand and fight rather than withdraw and try to trap the Germans
2) Fiedler is VERY aggressive. He encircled troops constantly. I was not prepared for that
3) I underestimated the cover a smoke barrage gave me. I thought a +2 smoke & +3 bldg were enough protection as the Germans advanced on my smokey position. I was wrong. He got ADJ and had 30+ fp fg's. I broke like a dry twig.
4) I purchased 2 inf coy in res. I should have purchased 3 instead of toys (xtra san and dug in afv's)

The day ended early b/c Fiedler gave me a plus 4 to the first dr! He gave me the CG balance as well. Otherwise I don't know if I could recover. I still don't know if I can recover!!

For Day 2 my goals are:
--A slow withdrawl.
--At least 3 coy inf reserves
--Use of fpp to slow him down and create channels to force him through
--Keep my men alive so I can get the advantage in troops by day 3

I assume he will buy Assualt engineers since he has few men to replace & he is already in my factories! I'll get ready to face high morale, flames and dc's.

Better purchase some xtra vodka rations for the men. They will need it!


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