RB CGIII w/ Fiedler END day 2 / SETUP day 3

Day 2 ended much differently than day 1! Still a German victoy but The Krauts were held to very small gains in the factories. There was nearly a 1-1 casualty rate!

RED Line= Day 2 start for Germans
GREEN Line= Day 2 End

I maxed out my infantry purchases and had plenty of ? counters to fill in the gaps. I received the max CPP replenishment for Day 2 and I put it to good use!

I decided to put a death grip on the factories. I'm fanatic there and the TEM makes his killstacks less powerful. I did not leave the flanks unguarded though. I put reserve cloakers (mostly dummies) and several strongpoints to slow down any push on the sides. Fiedler basically left the west flank alone and I was able to gain back a few building hexes there. The east took more damage, but still ended up relatively intact.

I faced DC breaches in the factories (which were new, and painful, to me). Fiedler drove his tanks right into the factories which was another surprise. However My skulking and slow withdrawls helped me to maintain territory and lives. I planned on giving up both the big factories that he had already begun to occupy. However the eastern most factory was less than 1/2 conqured!

I must admit I got lucky and rolled a 1 on turn 5. I probably would have lost both factories otherwise. However I was happy with the punishment I gave the Germans. The factories kept Fiedler from encircling my men and rushing through my lines.

FATE was a big issue as well. Fiedler lost over 30 men to 6,6. I lost many as well. I broke every MG i had (but amazingly all repaired!).

DAY 3:
My setup for Day3 is in the pic above.

We have FOG in Stalingrad! I wonder how many times that's happened!?
FOG puts a +1 per hex hindrance! That helps me avoid kill stacks, BUT it lets the Gerries creep up on me. My AT guns and MTRs are basically useless.

I don't want my factories to fall.
My goal is much the same as day 2, but with a few fortification-like surprises. We are now in turn 2 and fiedler has noticed a couple minefields and some 6-2-8's as well as molotov's flying about! I have set several hexes ablaze.

Stefan is pushing the West flank this time. Several Guns and his Assault engineers are massed over there.

Also i guessed where he would put a strongpoint on the west (the X9 bldg) and i bought OBA with a pre-reg hex. It worked beautifully! I broke all but one squad and I even KIA'd a tank! The push on that side has been temporarily halted. I've begun moving my men in that area forward to keep the pressure (and dm's i hope) on the Krauts.

Fiedler has purchased an Infantry Gun group as well as some assault engineers and oba. That probabaly took all his cpp. I think we ended day 2 roughly even as far as bodies are concerned. Hopefully I can keep a higher headcount today since he purchased toys instead of men.

Stefan has built an AAR blog to report his side of the story. I'll post the link when I find it.


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