RB CGIII with Fiedler Day 1 Turn2 End and Turn 3 start

My ass hurts from the spanking I am receiving at the hands of the Germans!

Fiedler has used the smoke barrage very effectively and now has at around 1.5 coys in front and inside the buildings near F6.

I thougth the smoke would be protection for me....Wrong. He is taking huge FP shots at me from ADJ hexes. the +5 for smoke and stone bldg doesn't stop the wall of lead flying at me!

I should have put some mines around that area.

I also bought 2 dug in afv's (with wire) on them. Fiedler has destroyed 1 with a 1,1 roll and I broke the MA permanently on the other.

At the end of Day 1 I went into cc with 1 sqd vs two of his and I took them both out. However I have only killed 3.5 sqd (and a 10-2 @ 9-2) ldr. His body count is growing quickly.

I was hoping to get into cc with one of his afv's but in his dfph he rolled a 1,1 against my ? unit in rubble. Between his great rolls and my bad setup, I am getting creamed!

You know its bad when your opponent offers strategic advice for Russian setups!

However I stil have a few tricks up my sleave and I know that I have plenty of days to make up for lost ground.

My goal for turn 3 is to fall back and keep men alive. I cannot hold the west end of the map. I am strong on the East. He will gain no ground there. (i hope)


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