RB CGIII with Fiedler Day 1 Turn 3

Well Fiedler is living up to his promise to grind up some Russians! I thought his smokescreen would be a blessing in disquise ( that I would chew him up in CC). However this is not the case. He is in the F4 bldg with me and has encircled the squad in the first hex (who ran scared into the basement

ALso on the left flank, he has managed to the B15 bldg. This is due mainly to my error in thinking that troops in cellars could not be shot at accept by ADJ troops. So when I skulked to the basement, I was pounded by an afv and a large FG. Had I just moved back a hex, I could have avoided all this pain and suffering. He now has a ton of squads inside. I'm about to lose a 9-0 commisar and 5-2-7 to a satchel charge to boot!

On the plus side, he has not gone after the right flank with any power. I can stop him from gaining any ground over there (i think).

I hope to jump on a 2 of his 3 afv's in cc on my turn. He stopped adj to russians in both places (see c17/c16)

I also have a lot of heat still concealed by the smoke. I just need to get it into action.

Also I have sniped a 10-2 AND taken out a 9-2 who got too cocky and tried to run with a stack in the open. I fpf'd at them and broke almost the whole stack!


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