God is GOOD! I have a New RB CG III partner

I posted a request for an opponnent on the StrategyZone online forums for another opponent for RB CGIII

Stefan Fiedler quickly responded and promised to give me a sound thrashing from Sweden.

Well, we'll have to see about that!

I decided to take the Russians and the assualt on Stalingrad has begun.

Fiedler has dropped a smoke barrage on my well defended buildings on the right side of the train tracks. I can't say it was a surpise. Hopefully he'll get close enough for some CC-Stealthy Russian Style!

During his first AFPH he exposed a 10-2 leader (named Fiedler....) in a shot at a mortar on the roof of one of my factories.

An MA shot from one of his tanks activated my San (which I bought up to a 5). Guess where it landed? Yep, right on the 10-2 stack. And my sniper selected that brave leader to wound. It looks pretty bad. He rolled a 6 on the WS and I don't think old "fielder" is going to be around for the aph :)

A nasty blow for the Gerries! More Vodka for the Russians!! HUZZAH~!


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