Norm.....has disappeared / FTF Update

Well after a blazing start it looks like our RB cg III game is caput!

Norm has disappeared. I haven't heard from him in over a month. I hope he's OK.

While waiting my ftf group began playing RB CG IV from the ASL Journal 1. Jeff and I were Russians. It was AWESOME! The CG is called Bled White and that's exactly what the Germans did!

Derek has (20 yrs experience in ASL) and has been spanking us since day one. Well Jeff and I returned the favor this time! On turn one we not only stopped the German advance cold, we took back all the ground we had lost AND some of his initial starting territory.

Derek Surrendered the campaign after the first turn of CG 2~!

There are only 6 dates and the Germans must capture 14 factories to win. A very tall order indeed!

I'm sorry it ended so soon. I'm learning to love playing defense. We had a few surprises for the Gerries that we didn't get to use :(

Now we've decided to play a bunch of small scenarios in order to get ready for the upcoming Bitter End tournament in Raleigh this March.


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