RB CG III with Norm End of Day 1

The Germans win day 1!

( I captured 30+ stone locations. I needed 15 to win)

Casualties on both sides were relatively light.

Russian Losses:
  • 4-4-7 x 6
  • 5-2-7 x 2
  • 4-2-6 x 4.5
  • Leaders: 10-0 & 9-10 Commisar
  • Weapons: 45LL, ATR, 5o MTR

German Losses:

  • 4-6-7 x 5
  • 5-4-8 x 3.5
  • Leaders: 9-1
  • Weapons: 2 PzIII's
I learned how important it is to move men into locations that can be connected to my perimeter.
As you can see in the pic. I had a bit of a break away on the left edge. I should have run my squads straight down the edge. This would have opened up a large area for my troops to enter on the next day. Instead i pushed towards the factories.

I assumed that once my troops entered a bldg (if unopposed) they would gain control of it. This is not exactly right. I occupy the two end hexes of the factory in F18 but not the middle. This could have been easily remedied had i understood the perimeter rules better.

I have 20 men and a 9-1 behind enemy lines in the F18 factory. It could be a bad day for them!

I made next to no progress in the north. i pushed my lines down the the main road in e5-v5.

We have done our refit phase for day 2. The Germans will be attacking again.
The Goal? Well I need to even out my lines and start putting pressure on the factories. I need to maximize my gains on the west edge and hold the f18 factory (if possible).


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