RB CG III with Norm Day 2 (turn 2)

The Assault has renewed!

The Germans made significant gains on the left (west) yesterday and need to catch up on the right. I want to be able to assault the factories from both sides. This will force Norm to spread out his defense.

I think he prepared for a factory assault today and I plan to push as hard as i can (with troops in the top circle) and to gain more of the map edge on the west (bottom circle) while getting as close to the factories as I dare

Norm has bought armor for today's fight! I wasn't expecting that. No spotting rounds have landed either and that has surprised me as well. I don't think the tanks will cause me too much trouble. I have 4 of my own to deal with them. Although my oldest tank broke his MA at the beginning of turn 2!

Norm vacated most of the stone locations in the west and I think I've already claimed enough of them to have a 2nd day victory.


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