RB CG III with Norm (Turn 4) German Moves

The Germans have prep fired and moved on Turn 4!

I'm further along than I guessed I would be as far as VC are concerned. I now possess 22 (i think) stone locations. I only need 15 to win this scenario.

All 3 tanks are still alive although I'm living dangerously with them. They are all using vbm sleaze to pin some Ivans down.

My preps have not been very effective. However in a surprising turn of events, my kill stack in B13 fired on 3? In c15 in order to open a hole in the Russian flank through which I hope to grab some more free buildings. Much to my shock there was a 5-2-7 and a 10-0 Commissar in there! I got a 2mc i think and the commissar broke! I had rof 3x and totally wiped out the 5-27.

As you can see in the pic i sacrificed 2 squads trying to make a dash for a hex to cut off the big boy's route path. My last guy made it behind him and I think he will die for FTR!

I think my boys in d15 are safe from further dfire because Norm has fired everyone I can see. I have a melee in e12 when one of the Ivans got cocky and left his hole to come after me last round. No one got ambush and we are held in melee. I' think I'll blast them with an adj squad and hope to break the russian before he can wipe out my leader in hth.

I have not gotten my stukas yet and i'm bummed about that. I may only get 1 or 2 more chances. I've never used airpower before and i'm excited to give it a go.


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