RB CG III with Norm (Turn 3 cont'd)

Things are taking a decidedly violent turn in Stalingard! The Germans have made it across the street and railway embankments and are against the factory outbuildings. I sucessfully place 3 of 4 demo charges on my turn. However the only effect they had was to pin one squad! I was devestated!

Norm reminded me that this is a long game and I should be patient. He's right. However next turn Norm converted his smoke to an 80mm mortar barrage and spanked my bewildered Germans even more.

The dead pool so far is still rather small: 4.5 German Squads ----2.5 Russian Squads

I am way behind in that regard. However I have taken enough stone locations to win the cg day (i think).

Norm has finally revealed his heavy artillery. I had squad get kia'd by an HMG and 9-1 and he also revealed a 45LL in his Turn 4 preps.

All three of my tanks are still alive. I guess I should focus on getting ground and minimizing losses.

Anyway, we seem to be completed 3 logs per day by pbem. Not too shabby.


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