Cool VASL Key Commands

Flip a counter
CTRL + D Delete a counter
CTRL + X Rotate clockwise
CTRL + Z Rotate counter-clockwise
CTRL + S Rotate TCA clockwise
CTRL + A Rotate TCA counter-clockwise
CTRL + C Toggle between Conceal/Unconceal
CTRL + H Toggle between HIP/Un-HIP
CTRL + B Toggle between CE / BU
CTRL + L Change label. To end, hit Enter.
CTRL + I Display Vehicle/Gun info
CTRL + O Assume possession of counter as ones own.
CTRL + K Clone counter (add duplicate to stack)

In LOS Mode:
Up Arrow: Move the target location up
Down Arrow: Move the target location down
Ctrl + Up Arrow Move the source location up
Ctrl + Down arrow Move the source location down

F1 dr F2 DR
F3 Zoom out
F4 Zoom in
F5 QRDC Tables
F6 OBA Draw Pile
F7 Scenario Info Window
F8 Mark All Unmoved
F10 Check LOS


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