RB CG III with Norm

I've been bamboozled into playing the largest game in ASL history (i think)!

Norm on Vasl has convinced me to try the RB CG III. We've done setups and the entire 1st turn of day 1 (10/17) by email.

I'm playing the Germans. I've dropped oba smoke (and got a mild breeze on the first wc of the game). In the Russian dfph 2 new oba markers have just appeared!

I decided on a conservative approach to my initial setup on the first day. Both my infantry companies came in more or less together and i'm working my way towards the stone building VC's. Seeing that OBA makes me nervous since i have a target rich environment for the reigning death which will surely hit me next turn!

I've had one squad broken so far and have stripped 3+ dummystacks from the Russian OB.

We are trying to play weekly on Thursdays with pbem supplements.

The picture is of the northwest boundary of the RB map. You can see my oba smoke and one of the ruskie ar's as well. I've got to cross that road and put a hurt on the entrenched russians.

Reinforcements are on the way boys! Hang on :)


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