RB CG III with Norm (Turn 3)

I've survived to turn 3!

It's been a surreal experience for me so far. I can't believe that only one squad has died so far. I lost a 5-4-8 in cc and that's it! I have broken a single mortar crew.

Lots of dummy stacks have been removed, but due to the oba smoke (3 of them!) the fighting has been diminished as I try to gain ground

My smoke has just disappeared and now I'm left with the task of occupying stone locations in the face of Russian soldiers and 2 more Russian oba module spotting rounds.

I predict that I'll win the first cg date. I need 15 locations to win. As of now I think I own 8 and I will own several more at the end of this turn (I hope). Norm seems to be trying to conserve men and weapons. I hope this backfires as I am able to get land and save men.

I made several mistakes this turn so far. I used my oba as harassing fire (6fp over 19 hexes instead of 16 fp over 7 hexes) I got greedy and ended up only pinning one squad and stripping another. If I get another module today I will use it properly.

Also I have my units very bunched up and prime targets for oba. I should have done more prep fire than I did. My tanks seem useless against ? in stone locations. Their 50L guns are only a 2+3 as area fire. My light mortars are in a similar predicament.

I need to get squads in there to strip these guys.


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