Favorite ASL Moves

This is a list of "favorite moves" I liked from some www.strategyzoneonline.com.

---Another favorite trick I would like to do, is resist the urge to have a leader direct a squad's fire. Instead wait for the opponents mmc to break, then CX your unused leader to move behind the newly DM-squad and make it failure to rout. ---ON TOP ASL

---My favorite lately is WP.
The lowly 666 AM's into orchard next to the concealed and nasty german 9-1, 658/lmg (they always seem to have one) in a stone building, the germans hold fire thinking they can polish this crappy unit off in final fire, and there are still a bunch of other green units around to intimidate.---- Paul S NJ

---Setup the 9-2 with the HIP Panzerschreck when AFVs are the key element in the scenario. Increases the killing distance (changes the To Hit = 3 to a 5 and against a large target makes it a 6). At close range makes for an almost ‘automatic’ KIA. Also, if in a building the 9-2 allows you to step outside the building (+2) to avoid the backblast.-- Robert Wolkey

---One of my favorite moves is to intensive fire SMOKE. 2 rounds can quickly blind a defensive position. This is great in scenarios where you have several Shermans.-- rshurtz

---It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while try defending a building with a tank in motion on the ground floor. Makes it tough for enemy infantry to get in.
"Let's see Sarge. You want us to charge that building, take a point blank shot, pass a morale task check and try to do what?"--David Goldman

---As the defender, I try to keep Dummy stacks around as long as possible - more than once I've had Dummies absorb a Sniper attack that otherwise would have hit a real unit. Even when your opponent knows they are Dummies, they still serve a valuable purpose.-- Chas Argent


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