Things I learned from the '96 annual

I think the 96 ASL Annual is the most informative of the bunch.

In a great article on vehicles in motion I learned:

--You can make a motion attempt even after having enemy ? or infantry in your los
--You can make a motion attempt (even while already in motion) during your opponent's turn in order to change your vca/tca (thereby keeping your front armor in the right place)
--Non-Stopped is the term used for a vehicle in motion during its movement phase
--If a tank was in motion but stopped during its movement phase you can then get the point blank fire DRM (which you cannot use against a tank in motion)

In an article on CX I learned that if you need to get a 5pp item to the front lines quickly you can: CX the squad (or hs) carrying the weapon but also move a non-cx'd mmc as well. A CX'd mmc with 5pp gets 4 mf. when it has reached it's limit, have them hand the weapon to the healthy mmc who can then advance with it in the aph.

I also thought the article that detailed the team tournament scenarios was very well written.


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