Normandy Action Pack Scenario 1 Playtest completion

Take A Bath Play Test

Amercians have to travel the length of 2 mapboards and exit 40vp to win. The Germans set up HIp and have to get 40CVP to win.

Very fun scenario!
I played Kevin Boles (The_SQL_GURU) again and he set up some nice ambushes as the Germans.
His 37L crew will all receive Iron Crosses! They took out 5 vehicles in two fire phases to wrap up an early victory for the Axis.

The Allies suffer from too many vehicles on too few streets. This bogs play down quite a bit as mf are counted and each vehicle works its way through the inevitable traffic jams.

The Germans could probably use a wider setup area. I pushed the north boundary of the maps and if I had moved more vehicles up there I could have won this scenario very quickly. Why not let the Germans setup using the entire N3 board (or a at least a major portion of it)?

If Kevin's 37L had not been so well placed (and well manned) I think the Allies would have had a swift victory. I imagine that the Allies will have a great many more wins than the axis in this scenario.

Again I think this could be remedied with a larger setup area and a bit more troops (maybe 2 more squads)

The Allies could use a bit less metal just to help the game move along faster. 8 turns is a good number. I should have taken more time and unloaded more troops to scan for that bloody gun!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed playing. I like scenarios that reward creativity.


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