Normandy Action Pack Scenario 1 Playtest

In this scenario I have to drive a convoy of tanks and half-tracks through hedgerow country with hip Germans (Commanded by The SQL Guru) everywhere!

At the end of my movement phase on turn one I hit my first hip German squad. From behind the hedgerow a PF flamed my lead tank (an M4). This was my first experience with a convoy in narrow places AND facing PF's. I now have an enemy that can roll for 2 pf's per half turn, a burning wreck in front of my column and exposed tanks that need to keep rolling if they are to win.

I decided to move around the enemy rather than try to speed by. Two of my tanks (which had PRC) dropped off their riders who moved ADJ to the Germans to force a decision. If he fires at my squads then he can't fire at my tanks.

I ran into another HIP HS at the end of my 2nd movement phase. Luckily no PF's were found and my adj HT had troops unloaded who threatened CC!

I need to make sure to read the backs of my tank counter and Ch H. My M5's have cannister fire which is very helpful against hedgerows.

I also forgot about ce road movement for my tanks! Total rookie move.

I've got some planning to do before we begin Axis 2!


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous TheSQLGuru said...

Hey Tim, this is TheSQLGuru. Nice posting. When doing your planning for your next turn, make sure you read up on your MMG Halftrack. It has quite a few peculiarities regarding the MGs it mounts!! :))


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