Action Pack 3 Playtest NAP2a 1st Cristot

Today I finished my first of the new AP3 playtests. My opponent was Kevin Boles (The_SQLGuru on VASL)

I was German. The scenario was extremely fun for both of us. The Brittish won the scenario. Kevin's hero with a Piat scored a critical hit on my AT gun on the first turn. I also lost a Panther on turn two and had the other immobilized on the same turn.

I thought the ssr requiring the allied player to chose either the armor OR the infantry to move was a very nice touch. The scenario recreated the feel of an over-zealous assault. The infantry battle felt very evenly matched.

I felt that the number of tanks supplied to the Brittish gave them maybe too many shots on the Panthers and side shots were inevitable considering the terrain. However the Panthers should have lived longer than they did in my game.

The game ended up being much closer than we had anticipated. After turn 3 I thought the axis was going to be slaughtered. In fact the game was won on the last movement phase of the last turn.

Kevin played very well and has a much better understanding of the rules and ASL tactics. He helped me in a couple instances when I was about to make a move that would have hastened my defeat.


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