Devil's Hill (T10) & Ray Woloszyn

This past Wednesday I played the Devil's Hill scenario against ASL master (he's got his name on an original ASL counter) Ray Woloszyn.

I expected to lose, but the absolute destruction wreaked upon me was breathtaking. I was completely demolished in 3 turns.

I played the Americans who are supposed to storm a level 3 hill against some entrenced 2nd line Germans (who have an hmg, mmg and 75ART). ROAR has this scenario pretty balanced with a 66-52 in favor of the Germans.

Ray rolled extremely well and my 9-2 leader broke 2x along with all his squads.

My big mistake was trying to move around the right flank with 2 squads, mmg, and baz with an 8-1. They made it to a relatively unprotected side of the hill. The goal was to cut off the reinforcements due to arrive on turns 3 and 4. They am'd up a hill into woods on level one and retained concealment.

Their only attackers were a half squad and full squad in two locations. a 2+1 shot was the best Ray could get. Well that's all he needed! He rolled a 1,2 and sripped me of concealment with a 1mc.

The leader pinned and both squads broke. I learned something new that night. If a squad breaks they no longer count as having assault moved in that phase. Therefore when the halfsquad fired they did not have the DRM's for ? or for AM!. Bad news.
To add insult to injury, Ray's reinforcemnts arrived and propmptly surrounded my broken squads and took 20 prisoners on the next turn!

Ray is a fantastic opponent and is willing to sit and go over our strategies after the game. He told me that i always need at least 1 (but preferably 2) HS to act as rear guard for my flanking force. If the main line breaks, they need a safe route path.


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