RB CGIII w/ Fiedler Day 6 Turn 2

It's turn 2 of Day 6. My T21 factory is already toast! I had a 150mm predesignated barrage fall on the T2 prep fire (luckily he drew a red card on T1!). I had an engineer with a flamer (and a set dc in sight) who was evaporated! I got off one shot with the flamer (it ran out of gas) then all hell broke loose on the factory. My mines are still in place but there is no one waiting inside to pound the Germans! They are inside and I cannot stop him!

The Pocket around the Commissar's house is caving in! I have 2 75art pieces watching the flanks. They have each smoked a German tin can! I had a 9-2, 628, HMG HIP in BB17 . I mined the wood house in BB18 and waited. He moved in a hs to start a trail break. Then the arrogant Nazi's stepped in with a leader and 2 squads. I opened up and had a 24-1!! (-1 dangerous movment, -2 ldr +2 house) When the smoke cleared (from 2 rofs) only a broken hs remained! Fiedler couldn't help but comment that my ambush was a work of art :) It's nice to get praise from the enemy!

I've broken all the squads in the Commissar's house. Now I need to slit their throats. I have a pillbox in ii20 to cover the backside of the house. I also have a 10-2 and hmg in the gg21 bldg to hit any killstacks who might be lurking about. He has one sqd in that bldg who are refusing to break. They will taste Russian steel before long though:)

I'm losing a tremendous amount of men (almost a company in 2 turns!). But Fiedler is bleeding too (7.5 sqds, a leader and 3 afv's!)

What a bloody day this will be. I may lose the CG right here! but I will take some dirty Germans to the Volga with me!

RB CGIII w/ Fiedler Day 5


Fieder was hurt at the end of Day 4. I ended up better than expected. I still had nearly 3 companies of troops left! I lost more real estate than bodies. The German push in the West was deeper than expected. I lost too much ground in the factories. Do I set up strong in the factories we share? It seems very risky. If I lose men like I have previously then I may never recover. But can I afford to lose factory (fanatic) territory. I think I am toast. To be this far down in 5 days....can I recover?

I'll draw a line in the sand on Day 6. I have enough CPP to shore up defenses and crush the pocket around the Commissar's house. I will mine the heck out of the middle factory and set back and wait for him to step inside. Hopefully the mines will break him and the +1 shots from inside will break their hearts.

RB CGIII w/ Fiedler END day 4

Day 4 was a very bloody confrontation. The fires raging in the middle of the map forced action away from the main factories and blood ran thick in the streets.

Fiedler pushed hard in the southwest and northeast. I held him off best in the northeast but he still managed to get squads inside the Commisar's House! They are in a pocket and I will not allow them to live!

My factories are in trouble. The losses on the first day (10/17) have kept my manpower at a critical level. There is just too much map to hold with such a thin red line. I'm learning all too well about breaching DC's and tanks who never seem to bog.

I've made Fiedler pay for real estate though. He his hurting and his elr has dropped to 3. I'm pretty sure he will take Day 5 off. The question is...how to exploit this (educated) guess. I do not know how to play night scenarios. I have only played one and it was with someone else who was new to them. I think I could gain back some ground, but I am low on resources too.

Most likely I will spend my day off on building defenses. I will make the Commissar's house into a viper's den! Oh how those 4 squads in the pocket will wish they had never been born. Perhaps I will have a German sausage roast and buy some assault engineers with flamers! I have more CPP than I know what to do with (assuming he takes a day off). I'll max out the minefields (10!) and purchase some nasty surprises (set dc's and hip guys) along with getting the max number of boots on the ground.

I'm learning how to play the Russians. I have to set traps and appear weak where I am strong. Also I have to keep my lines reinforced. I cannot afford any more holes through which the Germans can make massive gains.

I don't know how Fielder's tanks have survived so long. They roll around Stalingrad with impunity. I will stop them tomorrow. I need some guns with the power to punch holes in those tin cans. Fielder uses them primarily as encirclement creators. They are cutting off rout paths and I can't seem to take them out in CC or with atrs.


RB CG III w/ Fiedler Day 4 Turn 1

Day 4 of the Fascist Invasion

Just like clockwork the German offensive begins in the most likely spot. We are prepared to make the invader pay dearly for every inch of Russian soil!

He is affraid of Katyusha attacks. He should be. They have screamed overhead all night, pounding the German supply lines and creating panic within the ranks.

But all is quiet in Stalingrad. Their heavy MG's cannot find any targets. German soldiers are shooting blindly. The first prepfire phase has already generated 4 sans (unfortunately with only one activation so far) and we take this as a good omen.

It seems that Fiedler was not captured after all. That was merely his peronsal assistant. Our brave soldiers tortured him all night long and I"m sure Fiedler heard the screams. He knows what awaits him now!!

This should be a decisive day in this battle's history. The blazes have channeled attacks into obvious directions. Now we will have to see if our defenses are up to the task.


Gen Fiedler WO BIS DU?

Although the now infamous General Fiedler has never been previously photographed, It is believed that this brave russian soldier captured Fiedler yesterday as the General was behind the barrikady taking indecent liberties with an 50mm mortar casing.

Well done brave Soldiers of the Motherland!


RB CG III w/ Fiedler Day 3 End (start Day 4)

Aside from the FOG proving to be a devestating allie to the Axis threat, I feel ok about the day's results. I guess I should say I feel like things could have gone even more wrong, but an early end saved me (again).

We decided to add a -2 drm to the day end roll due to the mistakes we made concerning the fog LOV hindrances.

Fiedler pushed HARD in the center. I was not expecting that. I assumed the beating he took yesterday would persuade him to go elsewhere. I was wrong. My center was flatly overwhelmed. The fog allowed the Germans to move about with impunity and once we were toe to toe, my conscripts (even though fanatic) were no match for assault engineers led by a 10-2 (who I'm glad to say was sent home as a casualty!).

I bought more defensive toys today than usual. I spent 4cpp on mines and dummies to confuse the Germans. The mines caused few casualties ( I think 1 sqd total) but they kept the center factory in my possession for day 4~!.

I think I ended the day with about equal force strength (3+ companies each). But I am at a severe disadvantage in firepower.

Casualties were about even (a Russian victory!). The loss of (the 2nd) 10-2 has been another important shift. The Germans have lost almost every strong leader and now is run by corporals!!

Today we have 2 giant blazes that form a nice wall in the center of the map! I bought some wire to fill in the gaps. I hope to channel the Germans into a meat grinder if they are foolish enough to come through the narrow gap in the fire!

A Katyusha fire mission has been requested. We'll see if it is approved by the Big Boss!

My strategy is much the same as yesterday. HOld and make the Germans bleed.

However I have less ground to defend now so my force strength is now more concentrated and powerful (I hope). If Stefan wants the factories he will have to pay dearly for them!

The flanks have held pretty well for 3 days. I'm wondering when they will be probed in strength. However they are now well defended and ready.

Germans are not very creative. The Russian will and craftiness will surely provide us with our first daily victory!!!


Dirty Dirty Business

Things were going badly on day 3 before I learned of our greivous error. We had believed that the FOG LOV reduced residual FP. Therefore not only could I hardly take a shot that didn't have a +4 mod on it, I couldn't stop the dirty Germans from moving through any hex they wished.

For some reason I checked the rules and realized our mistake. This day was hard enough without this problem!! Residual doesn't really help the Germans at all. Russian moves are mainly AM and done all at once. It is the "bread and butter" of a Russian defense.

Once residual is laid, it is no longer effected by the dreaded fog therefore my residual fp would have been much more effective than my original shot!!!

I have Germans in the middle of the map now and factories that are sparsely defended. I can only hope that this bad day ends on turn 5.

I'm outclassed by Fiedler on an experience level. I need all the help I can get from the terrain and rules!!!

Oh well, C'est le guerre!


RB CG III w/ Fiedler Day 3 Turn 2

Damn the FOG!!!!

At first I thought it to be an allie, but the white clouds (which give a +1/hex LOV hind) have allowed the Germans to waltz right up on my positions.

Yes i have negated several threats, namely killstacks and the 75* inf guns Stefan purchased (although one of them keeps landing hits anyway).

But his greater firepower which is compressed into an narrow area (the left flank) is steadily marching forward.

I've given up the westernmost large factory. I held it so firmly yesterday, but alas the fog and a 10-2 "Uber-fascist" have been devestating.

In the turn 2 dfph I let a set DC go off and killed 30 men in the hex and rubbled it to boot. I was hoping his kill stack would end up there, but when Stefan advanced the other guys into the spot I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

However that was the only blessing so far. My (well placed) OBA was called off due to 2 consecutive Red Chit draws. This opens up the right flank to German Advances as well.

I've hear that the Russian should never give up. I almost did after this turn. I'll keep going with a stubborn fall back and try to slow down the advance as much as possible today.


RB CGIII w/ Fiedler END day 2 / SETUP day 3

Day 2 ended much differently than day 1! Still a German victoy but The Krauts were held to very small gains in the factories. There was nearly a 1-1 casualty rate!

RED Line= Day 2 start for Germans
GREEN Line= Day 2 End

I maxed out my infantry purchases and had plenty of ? counters to fill in the gaps. I received the max CPP replenishment for Day 2 and I put it to good use!

I decided to put a death grip on the factories. I'm fanatic there and the TEM makes his killstacks less powerful. I did not leave the flanks unguarded though. I put reserve cloakers (mostly dummies) and several strongpoints to slow down any push on the sides. Fiedler basically left the west flank alone and I was able to gain back a few building hexes there. The east took more damage, but still ended up relatively intact.

I faced DC breaches in the factories (which were new, and painful, to me). Fiedler drove his tanks right into the factories which was another surprise. However My skulking and slow withdrawls helped me to maintain territory and lives. I planned on giving up both the big factories that he had already begun to occupy. However the eastern most factory was less than 1/2 conqured!

I must admit I got lucky and rolled a 1 on turn 5. I probably would have lost both factories otherwise. However I was happy with the punishment I gave the Germans. The factories kept Fiedler from encircling my men and rushing through my lines.

FATE was a big issue as well. Fiedler lost over 30 men to 6,6. I lost many as well. I broke every MG i had (but amazingly all repaired!).

DAY 3:
My setup for Day3 is in the pic above.

We have FOG in Stalingrad! I wonder how many times that's happened!?
FOG puts a +1 per hex hindrance! That helps me avoid kill stacks, BUT it lets the Gerries creep up on me. My AT guns and MTRs are basically useless.

I don't want my factories to fall.
My goal is much the same as day 2, but with a few fortification-like surprises. We are now in turn 2 and fiedler has noticed a couple minefields and some 6-2-8's as well as molotov's flying about! I have set several hexes ablaze.

Stefan is pushing the West flank this time. Several Guns and his Assault engineers are massed over there.

Also i guessed where he would put a strongpoint on the west (the X9 bldg) and i bought OBA with a pre-reg hex. It worked beautifully! I broke all but one squad and I even KIA'd a tank! The push on that side has been temporarily halted. I've begun moving my men in that area forward to keep the pressure (and dm's i hope) on the Krauts.

Fiedler has purchased an Infantry Gun group as well as some assault engineers and oba. That probabaly took all his cpp. I think we ended day 2 roughly even as far as bodies are concerned. Hopefully I can keep a higher headcount today since he purchased toys instead of men.

Stefan has built an AAR blog to report his side of the story. I'll post the link when I find it.